Frederico Freire Boaventura

DevOps Engineer / IT Consultant


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Install, configure, troubleshoot, and manage servers running any Operational System, be it Linux (any distribution), Windows Server, *BSD. It doesn't matter if the servers are on-premises or cloud, virtual or bare-metal.


Properly planning the Infrastructure is a big step and should be taken seriously, especially when it might be a source of sorrow and pain to the whole company. Getting the priciest pieces of equipment isn't an assurance of the best performance.


Taking care of your company's security is crucial, especially when we are living in times of Ransomware. With the attacks getting more and more efficient and more destructive each day, guaranteeing border security, properly configured Antivirus systems, and a reliable Backup solution are the steps needed to ensure a good night of sleep.

IT Consulting

Sometimes you only need some help figuring out where you are, where you are heading for, and how to get there. The consulting services intended to help the management and the IT department to talk in the same language, pointing the efforts towards the business goals.


Task automation will help prevent downtime due to human error. The majority of repetitive tasks on a workday can be automated and add value to the business process, decreasing the time to deliver and increasing quality and client satisfaction.


Chat bots, web apps and other small and specialized scripts and tools.

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I have always been curious about how the technology works. I found in Engineering the drive to push my curiosity and turn it into ways of making things work better for everyone.

I am passionate about infrastructure and security. I have devoted the best part of my professional life to understanding, managing, installing, configuring, and keeping secure infrastructure of all sizes and industries.

Being at the edge, as much as possible using the latest technology and keeping pace with its evolutions allows me to offer the best options to my clients, independently of brands or providers.

My experience brought me to a place where I can help any company deal with any kind of technological challenge. Enhancing usage, reducing costs, allowing the employees to be efficient on their daily jobs.

Let me support your company on the path to growth. I'll take care of the IT and all it's challenges so you may focus on the aspects that you need to grow your business.

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